My Dear Sisters of WAU

I would like to thank you again for the gifts you have sent to me over the past several months. Not only have I been able to afford extra postage, copies, typewriter ribbons etc. But I have also been able to replace things I have needed and I have been able to live without literally pinching pennies. But your gifts have also arrived at a time when I can most use the funds.

For years Misery prisoners have been suffering under a burden with MCI as our sole phone company, collect calls only. Just to call home to NC it has been costing my Folks $2.42 just to connect and .45 cents a minute after that (their last bill was over $100 for just 5 phone calls), and MCI blocked many phones simply because of the carrier (I haven’t talked to my two sisters, 7 nephews and 3 nieces in many months). Charges were even higher before complaints and suits, and the state has been extorting our families and friends through a state law that allows them to receive kick-backs from prison contracts, and either from outside pressures or past legal victories, we finally have a new phone carrier, PCS (Public Communications Service). 10 cents a minute anywhere in the US and we can now buy our own phone cards! You can imagine the sighs of relief from Missouri Prisoners and families

With your help I can now actually afford to pay for my own calls,and am able to call folks I could not have in some time.Thank You, again. Life inside has always had thick times and thin times where a fellow does well, or struggles to get by. Things are never easy trapped in this place of slow death and insanity, but thanks to you all times have been much easier not having to squeeze by week to week.

Thee is little news otherwise. I just wanted to thank you again. Take care of yourselves, keep up the Struggle, and know that your efforts are well appreciated.

For Folk, Faith and Family
David Tate

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