ISD Australia 2010

ISD Memorial Melbourne Australia

Saturday September 25th saw the 17th annual Ian Stuart Donaldson memorial gig in Melbourne Australia. My first one since 2003 after living overseas I sure was glad to be home and see some familiar faces, I think I spent more time catching up with people than watching the bands!

First up was White Knuckle Driver hailing all the way from USA it was the first time I had ever heard these guys and I was pretty impressed, they kicked the night off with a catchy fast paced set. Next up was old time Aussie band Open Season these guys got the crowd going people were flying all over the place.

Third band of the evening was Melbourne’s very own Deaths Head debuting with their fresh faced new guitarist, I must admit it was the first time I’ve seen the room full for these guys (haha! Jesse would probably agree with me there!) Everyone went off and it was obvious they were one of the crowd favourites especially with the younger lads.

Blue Eyed Devils ended what only can be described as a top notch trouble free night. You could see everyone had been waiting to see these guys and with a little help from BJ taking the mike mid set and encouraging the crowd to get out on the floor. B.E.D played the night out perfectly with a great homage to Ian Stuart with a cover of Skrewdriver’s Street Fight featuring the lead singers from the previous bands.

Thanks to Blood & Honour Australia and SCHS for all their hard work in putting on a great night (whole weekend actually!)

Hail Ian Stuart RIP

WAU Melbourne

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