Helping Our Folk

You know you are doing your part for our Folk if………

You are writing letters to the editor promoting values on a regular basis.

You are volunteering in your community.

You are increasing your education by enrolling in some classes.

You are developing your public speaking skills.

You are writing companies complaining about their advertisements that feature inter-racial couples.

You are offering up the donuts for breakfast or the Friday night six pack and donating a couple of bucks a month to a pro white organization.

You are writing, taking photos, or doing artwork to submit for publication.

You are utilizing the resources of your local library to the fullest, i.e. holding meetings, showing educational videos, having lectures with guest speakers, or encouraging the libraries to feature displays for Leif Eriksson Day, Oct 9th or National Tartan Day, April 6th.

You are teaching a youngster about our history and values.

You are forging ties with ethnic societies in your area.

You support ethnic festivals in your community i.e. Highland Games, Celtic Dance, Scandinavian festivals, Oktoberfests, and more.

You are writing our P.O.W.’s or volunteering at your local jail or prison to minister their Asatru or Identity Christian prisoners.

You are calling in to radio talk shows.

You place more emphasis on exercise than partying.

You are over 18 years of age, are registered to vote.

You are clipping coupons and giving them to single mothers.

You are surfing the web and initiating discussions in chat rooms as a way of promoting our values.

You don’t give excuses why you cannot do any of the above.

Richard Kemp

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United under the banner of folkish ideals and preservation