David Eden Lane 2015 Australian Memorial

imageOn the 16th May WAU Australia along with some close friends held a memorial to celebrate the life and honour the memory of our friend and teacher David Eden Lane. IMG_2266

IMG_1542We will soon be approaching 8 years since imageDELpinDavid Lane was taken from us. David was not only a friend and teacher but also an inspiration to the entire Aryan race. With his 14 words & 88 Precepts, David made an impact on each and every one of us. He answered Bob Mathews Call to Arms and even after his capture & imprisonment, David never faltered in his path, he remained always Defiant unto Death. I would like to raise this horn in20150516_161944 honour and in gratitude to all David has given us, an immortal spirit who gave freely of his life so that darkness and oppression may vanish from our race and from our lands. We hail you David Lane, you truly were a giant among men – Hail David Lane, Hail the Order!




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