Colouring Book Project – Book of Runes



A gift of knowledge & enlightenment from our family to yours.

WAU Australia are pleased to present this colouring book project, each picture is based on each individual Elder Futhark rune.  We hope that your children will enjoy colouring these pictures and that they may help awaken their cultural soul.

May Odin’s wisdom guide you through your journey.


front cover
Click on picture to open PDF

A huge thankyou goes out to everyone who helped us with this project.

As Lulu has deemed this children’s book offensive material 🙄🙄 please feel free to download the PDF by clicking on the picture 



A slightly belated thanks for the kids’ Rune/colouring books you sent, which arrived just in the nick of time. The gesture was greatly appreciated, but I also wanted to say how impressive the books actually are! With a copy in the hand , you can really appreciate the quality and the artwork, and everyone who saw the book was very impressed. Thanks again for the gift, and well done in creating an awesome Folkish kids’ book. – Aesberg Hearth

Just had a gander at the colouring in book. Bloody brilliant. Well done to all you that did it. – Thorverr Ullrsson Egiling



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