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Childhood Obesity

childhood-obesity-television-fast-food Obesity in our Children is something that is very easily prevented, so why is it that so many of them are Overweight or Obese. Figures show that between 1985 and 1997 the number of overweight 7–15 year olds in Australia had almost doubled and the number of … Continue Reading ››

A Woman’s call to Duty

BDM-uniforms-copy-copy-copy-copy1I have seen many girls come and go, they all had one thing in common: sexual intentions. They all had claimed to have been White Power, however as soon as their man has had enough, they’d run. They’d never stay. No loyalty to the cause. I know I am … Continue Reading ››

Another White Community Screwed Over by our Federal Government

Inverbrackie 004 Forty minutes drive from where I live is the picturesque Adelaide Hills, a splattering of small towns, surrounded by lush pastoral land & beautiful bushland, the type of place my family & I would love to live if we had a spare $500 000. One of … Continue Reading ››

Alcohol Abuse

I am constantly seeing & hearing people brag about how drunk they’ve got or how much they’ve drunk like it’s something to be proud of, well I have news for you Abusing Alcohol is nothing to be proud of. Then you get the people that encourage this behaviour in others, when, maybe we as their … Continue Reading ››

Things we should teach our daughters:

image1: Teach your daughter ways to express her feelings – not eat them or purge them. 2: Teach your daughter to work with what she’s got and love what she’s got. Tall, short, fat, thin, your daughter is beautiful – inside and out. Make sure you tell her … Continue Reading ››