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Self-Defence for Women

image All women should empower themselves with safety, tips and information. Top of your safety list is to always use your common sense and trust your instincts, we have them for a reason. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation then get out of there as quickly … Continue Reading ››

Rune Ornaments

rune ornamentsIngredients: 2 cups Plain Flour  - 2 cups Salt  -1 cup Water - Mixing Bowl - Rolling pin - Baking paper -  Knife or biscuit cutter - Straw (to make hole) - Paint - Ribbon     Method 1. Place flour, salt and water into a bowl and mix together 2. Knead dough for roughly 10 … Continue Reading ››

Celebrating Ostara for Children

Fun ways to get your children involved in celebrating Ostara is to have them help with making the decorations. Here we will show you some simple ways to make a flower garland and to decorate and dye eggs.
Completed Flower Garland
Completed Flower Garland
To make a … Continue Reading ››

Rune Casting

runes What is Rune Casting? “Rune Casting”, is often seen by many people as something very similar to “fortune telling”. This is quite far from the truth however. Rune Casting works more deeply with the subconscious and is more like a guidance of the present not the future. As one … Continue Reading ››

Sabbats for the Southern Hemisphere 2012

Lammas (Lughnasadh) – February 4th 8.13pm 
Traditional date February 2nd
Lughnasadh marks the beginning of the long awaited harvest as well as being one of the four greater fire festivals. The Goddess slowly transforms from Mother into Crone. Traditionally celebrated on the Second day of February we also … Continue Reading ››

Young Children & Mobile Phones

I have a nine year old daughter & recently she has been asking me if she can have a mobile phone as quite a few of her friends own them. In the technological world that we now live in and with kids today being so … Continue Reading ››

Puppy farming a disgusting Industry

What is a puppy farm?
Puppy factories produce and sell all kinds of dogs, including purebred, crossbred or mixed-bred dogs. To maximize space and therefore profit, breeding dogs are often kept in confined cages. gallerypic5It’s here they spend their entire lives, pacing back and forth in their tiny cages and banging … Continue Reading ››

Natural Acne Treatments for Teenagers

One of the most significant problems for teenagers these days is having to deal with acne, which appears around this age and can last throughout their whole teenage life. The problem becomes more serious because at this stage kids give great importance to their physical appearance and what others think of them. They see a small pimple … Continue Reading ››

Children’s Activities

91zvylt5We got our daughter this great book, it’s a Hands-On History book on Vikings by Fiona MacDonald & covers who they were & contains fun activities you and your children can do, such as Mould Thor’s Hammer, Paint a Viking Stone, Make a Viking Chest, Wear a Jarl’s Helmet, Make … Continue Reading ››