A Nationalists view on how fulfilling being actively involved in the movement can be

How is being actively involved in the movement fulfilling and how has it given you direction, if any?

That’s a multifaceted question and one that would take a long time to answer properly but briefly and very generally… In a society that seems designed to demoralize and to a greater or lesser degree make whites feel like second class citizens, the discovery of a creed and code specifically aimed at the raising up and bringing together of our people is priceless beyond measure. The hardest part in my opinion is to discern productive and positive ways to promote that ideology and steer people away from the negative stereotypes that it is easy to fall into. Also I think it is important to define for yourself what is the correct path through observation and study and not be swayed by trends or fads within the movement itself. Once you do this and remain true to it, the worth of such a path is priceless in that every stone that is thrown at you or arrow cast in your direction is deflected by the strength of your belief and the drive of your purpose. From someone who has spent his whole adult life trying to promote the values I chose for myself, I can honestly say that while I might not have got it right every time, the strength of my belief and my faith in it, has been a great comfort in times of trial and personal distress. I think without my beliefs I would have faltered in life long ago.


What have you gotten out of it above the material? 
(eg- satisfaction, confidence, self-esteem, new outlook on life?)

For me personally, especially as a younger man, the finding of a political and racial ideology that rang true to me changed the course of all the years ahead. I was a dispirited and listless sort and the discovery of my path in life changed everything. In actual terms, it led me to change my own apathetic ways, gave me a stronger work ethic and moral code, taught me to think in terms larger than myself and in that sense has been the greatest and most positive influence in my life to this point. In times when I felt lost and didn’t know which way to turn or my way forward from a dark place, I gained strength and inspiration from the trials of those men stronger and greater than myself and did my best to follow in their example… I am only human and sometimes faltered badly, but even then I knew to pick myself up and move forward…to never give up, to learn from my errors and encompass that into the scope of my beliefs so that I might help prevent others from sharing in them.


Have there been any set-backs/discouragements? 
(eg- social, media, work, family influence)

Personally I have been very fortunate in this regard, in that where we live in Australia, oppression, legal or otherwise is rare, outside of a standard monitoring. By taking a few simple precautions I have managed to avoid a great many pitfalls. In a more social sense, it is difficult to adhere to what some might think a more extreme political or racial doctrine, it is easy to find yourself estranged from society as a while as well, as friends or loved ones who do not feel the need to respect your chosen path and if you are not careful this can lead to an isolated life, one where your perspectives can become too rigidly focussed just due to the fact that you do not come into contact with any differing ones. I think once you become closed off to new ways and means that can enhance and further your goals in life you become a little lost. For me the largest and most difficult thing I find to conquer now is the desire to shut myself away from a society that I have an ever increasing aversion to and this is not healthy on either a personal or political level.


How did you overcome these?

I think the most important way to overcome any problem is to be completely aware of what it is and acknowledge it. Then to make a considered well thought out decision as the best way out of it. Rash and impulsive judgments and decisions rarely work out for the best and in my experience usually lead to bigger problems than the original one in the first place.


How would you suggest to others new or interested to overcome these problems?

As I said, be patient and be smart, don’t make rash decisions and learn as many of the available facts before choosing a course. Don’t let popular opinion sway you from what you believe is an unalterable truth, and most importantly take heed of the wisdom and advice of those who have come before, because chances are they have faced the problems you have and if they are still around managed to overcome them.


Could you please also finish off with saying how you hope to see the future of the movement?

For myself I just hope to see the movement grow and prosper, to overcome any setbacks and learn to evolve to overcome the roadblocks that those who stand against it erect to stop it. Our beliefs are timeless and as long as there is a drop of white blood left it is worth fighting to protect. – Jesse “Death’s Head”



How is being actively involved in the movement fulfilling and how has it given you direction, if any? 

Personal fulfilment comes from a lot of things within the movement, most of all It comes from confidently knowing that I am contributing to the preservation of our race. It sounds a bit shallow to express the importance of being a number, fact or statistic (provided you’re a statistic on the right lists) for the movement but from the outside looking in, the headcount is important for many reasons such as being taken seriously as a political movement, a way of life or set of beliefs that are here to stay, and to fight as those who have been involved a lot longer than I understand all too well, so fulfilment for me becomes quite easy…..just being involved and committed.

In terms of direction, I know where I would like to be in years to come thanks to the quality of those involved in Australia, they inspire, motivate, impress and set a great example of what someone highly dedicated to the movement should be like. So in a cheesy childlike way I strive to be like these men that set the standard for a Proud White Nationalist.


What have you gotten out of it above the material? (eg- satisfaction, confidence, self-esteem, new outlook on life?)

When you’re embraced by newly made friends that choose to call you brother because you both partake in a cause much bigger than yourselves, it’s an emotion of pride and confidence that overcomes you. It gives a sense of being in the right place with the right people for the right reasons. It’s referred to as a selfless cause but the amount of satisfaction and confidence I gain knowing that I personally am contributing to the survival of our people is an amount the gives you enough power to know you can take on any challenge life throws at you, with brothers by your side to help along the way.


Have there been any set-backs/discouragements? (eg- social, media, work, family influence)

 “A wolf doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep” I repeat this quote to myself every time I think of the opinions of brainwashed modern society. The opinions of others being old friends or family will always affect me to a small degree but I keep a bigger picture in my mind and shrug off any judgement, insult or abuse (to a degree). There is nothing that people outside of the movement could say to persuade or discourage me in any way from what I believe. 

I was always given advice to separate my personal life from my working career so the only problem I’ve encountered is having to work with ‘the lesser people’.


How did you overcome these?

Keep focus on what’s important and block out all the rest.


How would you suggest to others new or interested to overcome these problems?

Prepare newcomers for these problems, explain the situations they are bound to encounter sooner or later and how to deal with them. The ‘interested’ I would probably consider fence sitters, because they obviously see the problems but are too worried about repercussions of involvement to do anything, I would tell them to consider whether they truly believed what others in the movement do. There is no half-heartedness, your either in and you endure the pressure of the judging eyes of society, possibly your family and work colleagues or you’re a coward who only lives for himself and disregards what’s truly important in life and what our ancestors have given us in land, mind and spirit. Big thanks to the WAU, Fryzie

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